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Extras in London


The London Extra Agency has been providing thousands of extras to the television&film&corporate business&commercial industry in London since 2006 to clients including Disney, Saatchi&Saatchi, BBC, ITV, Channel Four, the Met Police, and Sky. 


Client – MCCGLC for Novartis. We needed to cast a diverse group of people for our client in a very short period of time.  Where other agencies struggled to help, The London Extra Agency responded brilliantly.  Communication throughout was great, the rates were extremely cost-effective and – most importantly - the people that we chose were prompt, fun and professional.  Wouldn’t hesitate in recommending The London Extra Agency to anyone and will definitely be using their services again.       Rachel Lewin, Producer

Testimonial: I had a last minute need for extras for a TV Commercial and got in touch with Lisa – within only a few hours she had a wide selection of artists for me to choose from, knowing they were all available and interested in the job. The artists we used were professional and we had a really good days shoot with them all. I would definitely use Lisa and the
London Extra Agency again. Stephanie Mott

I really enjoyed shooting for the AIG Insurance commercial. It was relaxed, well structured and we were looked after all day; including transport to and from the venue. It was lovely to meet up with lots of other extra artists and gain friends and experience in doing so. Lauren-Azania Aymer-Jeffrey, Hackney

Testimonials from London Extra Agency workshops are on the following webpage; http://www.londonextraagency.com/viewresult.php?pid=149&type=8     

The London Extra Agency has it’s book’s open for extra registration after which extras can log in and apply for any suitable roles 







Enquiries for Extras can be made on this form

or by emailing lisamw@londonextraagency.com
Extras listed as available for work http://www.londonextraagency.com/applications.php?jref=702