A 10 years old Most Brilliant Student of White Cotton School – TRIUMPH OLORUNFEMI

White Cotton School presented the Overall Best student award to Triumph Olorunfemi who happens to be the Head boy, most brilliant and best graduating student of the session, he has achieve so many of titles such as: A young author, programmer, mathematician, writer and lots more by his teacher, collegues and the entire school as well including the general public who withness the event.

Triumph Olorunfemi is a Ten (10) years old boy who hails from Ipaja, Lagos State, Nigeria and his parent Mr. and Mrs. Olorunfemi.

Appreciation Message by Triumph Olorunfemi:

To the creator of Heaven and Earth and the giver of wisdom, i say a massive thank you for all He has done for me and for how far He has brought me.

A sincere appreciation goes to my parent Mr. and Mrs. Olorunfemi. You both are rare gems. Thank you dad for all the efforts. Do you know I have the best mum ever! She takes care of me and my brothers, my mum teaches us etiquette and poise. When my mum is sick, she pretends to be well just to prepare us for school and make us happy. Thank you mum.

Wow! White Cotton School Teachers are the best in the world! I am in love with each and every one of them. You have a place in my heart sirs/ma’ams.

A special thank you and accolades to my class teacher Mrs. Efe. She believes so much in us. There is no going back or laziness in achieving a task. When we newly got to year five, i remembervividly. She said, in here you are responsible for your belongings. No missing notes nor text books and again they must not be torn nor folded at the tips, your books must be crisp at all times.

let me take you on a long journey ofsomething fascinating about Mrs. Efe. Before I got to year five I never knew I have to reason to solve Quantitative Reasoning examples, my first week in her class was not palatable at all although i was expecting it.

I remember our past year five pupils they often talked about how strict Mrs. Efe was; hence i had prepared my mind tomove on, come what may.

Also in Mathematics, she often said, “Own the formula: you will turn a mathematician if you strive harder”. She’s a lover of flipped classroom. Mrs. Efe trained me to sourcefor information online: She will always tell me to stay focused on the purposeof going online and not to do anything silly. She hates idleness, she does notjoke with DNA (Do Now Activity). My joy knows no bound for the privilege topass through you Mrs. Efe. You will live long and the Lord will supply you with all the good things of live in Jesus’ name – Amen. Thank you so much Ma!

White Cotton School is the best! Indeed,you impact the world a child at a time. This is making sense to me now. Long live White Cotton School! Long live Mrs. Ogunbona, I love you Ma.

To all the pupils of White Cotton School , strive to live up to expectations. You’ve got what it takes. Please hold forth and keep being a good representative of the school. Please be serious with your studies and keep making your parents and the school proud.

I will miss WCS and I will miss myteachers and all my friends. I will not hesitate to visit when I’m free.

I love you all! He said.

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