All you need to know about Burna Boy, Stefflon Don’s latest trends

British rapper and former Burna Boy’s romantic partner released a new single she calls ‘First of All’ which everyone believes is her reply to Burna Boy’s song ‘Last Last’.

In a tweet on Thursday, Don had said, “First of all” my side of the story. 20 thousand comments and it’s yours. On Instagram, she increased the number of comments to 40,000 before she shares her side of the story.

Burna Boy recently released a song titled “Last Last” which many of his fans believe spoke about the relationship he had with Don and how they eventually broke up.

The duo dated for three years before they split.

However, in the newly released song, it appears Don sent a message to the general public to mind their business.

She said, “So I just want to gather everybody here today, to say it is now time to mind your business. Not everything is for everybody.

“You now come here to hear people’s business, nosy. Mind your business, sometimes. No, mind your business that pays you.”

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