APC group drags Justice Benson Anya before Abia State chief judge

Justice Benson Anya of Abia State High Court has been dragged before the Chief Judge of Abia State for allegedly being an obstacle to a ‘fair and just democratic process’  in the All Progressive Congress, Abia State chapter.

Some members of the APC, under the aegis of Concerned Abia State APC Stakeholders on Monday, in a petition signed by Mr Cosmos Ifegwu and Surv. Festus Egbulefu petitioned the state Chief Judge.

The petitioners are alleging that Justice Anya had made himself a willing tool in the hands of a faction of Abia APC that is bent on obstructing due and democratic process in the affairs of the party.

In the petition, dated Monday, May 23, 2022, and addressed to  ‘The Chief Judge, Abia State Judiciary, Judiciary Headquarters, Umuahia’, the Concerned APC Stakeholders alleged that “For the past one year or more, Justice Benson Anya has made himself a tool in the hands of Chief Ikechi Emenike, whereby he has been churning out judgments and rulings from his Court, most of them contrived, to protect the interests of Chief Ikechi Emenike and Hon. Nkeiru Onyejeocha, in the tussle for the soul of the APC in Abia State.

“Most of the judgments and rulings from Justice Benson Anya’s Court have gone as far as arresting ongoing proceedings in other High Courts or rendering nugatory judgments already delivered in favour of interests not favourable to Chief Ikechi Emenike and his group”

We will on request make available a schedule of these judgments and rulings, which oftentimes Justice Benson Anya has denied the general public access to court records, even on application”, the petitioners affirmed.

The APC Concerned Stakeholders further appealed to the Chief Judge to ensure full disciplinary measures on Justice Benson Anya and if unable to do so, ensure a measure of control of his excesses, by “applying strictly the extant judicial directives handed down by the National Judicial Council and his lordship’s office to all presiding judges in Nigeria, including Abia State”.

They further affirmed that they will no longer tolerate any act of meddlesomeness by Justice Benson Anya in any guise whatsoever, in the activities of the APC in Abia State, using the device of his office. We will stop at nothing, including dragging him to the National Judicial Council, civil rights and human rights organizations and even the court of public opinion on his activities towards truncating the smooth and democratic journey towards the 2023 General Elections.

“We sincerely hope that your lordship will act swiftly by drawing Justice Benson Anya’s notice to this letter and checking his excesses, in the interest of the citizens of Abia State, especially concerned APC members who bear the brunt of his illegal actions”

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