Deep Space Society by Chains – 1,000,000 unique NFTs on Polygon


The Deep Space Society (DSS) is an NFT collection, issued exclusively for users and early adopters. DSS is represented by 1,000,000 uniquely designed digital artworks, with NFTs minted on Polygon blockchain, and are to serve as gatekeepers to product features and certain parts of the Chains ecosystem. users holding over 200,000 vCHA are eligible to receive this unique NFT absolutely free of charge by following the instructions found on the register here

Chains Deep Space Society NFT Telegram bot.


Deep Space Society GEN-0 by Chains is an NFT collection issued exclusively for users and early adopters. As we are on the cusp of launching our first MetaFi products, we have decided to celebrate and commemorate this milestone by giving our community something tangible and permanent.

We selected Polygon blockchain as our network of choice, after significant deliberation. As per Chains M.O, we elect to deploy where the ball is going, and in this case, it’s clearly the L2 Polygon. The network’s low fees, reliability and broad market adoption eventually tipped the scales in the layer’s favor.

What is the Deep Space Society

Deep Space Society is comprised of gatekeepers, early-stage explorers that arrived first to the most remote frontiers and have since come back, to tell the story and keep the gates open for those to come after them.

This GEN-0 collection represents Chains’ appreciation and dedication to the hundreds of thousands of early adopters who comprise our community. We are dedicated to injecting utility and value into these NFTs, as our product ecosystem grows.

How can I get my Deep Space Society NFT by Chains?

The Deep Space Society NFT collection can be obtained by following these steps:

  1. Register on, if you haven’t done so already.
  2. Set up your account and complete your profile information.
  3. Follow Chains on our social media channels. Twitter Telegram Discord
  4. Follow the instructions of our Chains Deep Space Society NFT Telegram bot

NFTs are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis among qualified Chains users. All users holding over 200,000 vCHA are eligible to receive this unique NFT absolutely free of charge.


Deep Space Society tokens will be distributed in batches of 50,000, first on a weekly, and then on a bi-weekly basis, until the entire collection is exhausted.  The tokens are available exclusively on the Polygon network.

What Else?
With the CHA token sale just around the corner, make sure to follow our social media channels and subscribe to our newsletter for future announcements.

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