Entertainers should encourage their fans to vote wisely — Yaw

A broadcaster, actor and comedian, Steve Onu, aka Yaw, has said that fellow entertainers should do more to encourage their fans to vote wisely.

The comedian is currently putting finishing touches to preparations for his forthcoming three-day event tagged, Po, that will feature a satirical play, music, dance and comedy.

In an interview with Sunday Scoop, Yaw noted that one of the major reasons for the show is to sensitise Nigerians to exercise their civic rights in the forthcoming elections. He said, “It is a three-day show because the play is (meant) to sensitise people to governance. It is a satire about the part that members of society play (in politics). It is not just about those in power. We are all in this together. If we do not get it right now with the way Nigeria is, I do not know what will become of us. The play is a medium to encourage people to vote wisely. I believe that entertainers should constantly encourage their fans and other citizens to vote for the leaders they want.”

He however noted that he had no interest in joining politics. The actor said, “I am not thinking of contesting any political post, now or in the future. I can never contest. I just want to be in my corner and contribute to the uplift society through my works.”

Speaking on what inspired the stage play that will be enacted at the event, Yaw said, “The play was written by actor, Femi Branch, sometime in the nineties. The first command performance was done in 2004, and it was directed by Enajite, the late Jaiye Aboderin, and Keppy Ekpenyong. The first time I featured in the play was in 2009, then I decided to return to it.”

Yaw also maintained that though it will run for three days, the show will not have any dull moment. He said, “I will make sure each day of the show has its own peculiarity. Comedians and some artistes will be on hand to perform on Friday, while on Saturday, there will be comedians and other artistes performing as well. “The Sunday show is the grand finale. It is a full event that will witness performances by various entertainers, including musicians, comedians and dancers.”

The actor also noted that he is currently filming a new television show titled, Paradise. He said, “I have been involved in a lot of other things, including producing movies. I am currently on the set of a new TV show. It is a very humorous programme that I’m sure many people will enjoy.”

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