Everything about Ally Lotti, Juice WRLD’s girlfriend

Everything about Ally Lotti, Juice WRLD’s girlfriend: Alicia L. Leon is the real name of Ally Lotti, an Instagram model and influencer who is based in the United States. She rose to prominence after it was revealed that she was romantically involved with the late rapper Juice WRLD. Even though Juice WRLD is no longer with us, Alicia has not stopped posting sweet photos of herself and the late rapper on social media, just as she did before he passed away.

When Ally Lotti posted a video of herself and Juice WRLD hanging out together on her Instagram account in November 2018, she revealed the couple’s relationship to the public. Since then, the number of people who follow her on Instagram has surpassed one million.

Profile outline

  • Name: Alicia L. Leon a.k.a Ally Lotti
  • Birthdate: May 28, 1992
  • Age: 29
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac: Gemini
  • Height: 5’2″
  • Weight: 51 kg
  • Relationship status: Single
  • Occupation: Instagram model
  • Net worth: £300,000


Alicia L. Leon is the real name of the renowned Instagram influencer who goes by the handle Ally Lotti. Alabama, in the United States of America, is the place where she was both born and reared by her parents. Ally Lotti is a person of mixed ethnicity because both of her parents come from distinct cultural backgrounds. Her mother is of Puerto Rican descent, while her father is of African descent.

Physical attributes

Ally has a height of 5.2 feet. Her height, bust, and hip measurements are all 34-25-36 inches, and her weight is 51 kg. She has dark brown eyes and her hair is blonde. Her shoe size is 5 (UK).


Her education was completed at the University of Alabama.


Ally Lotti is a model and influencer on Instagram who has amassed over one million followers on that platform. After it became public knowledge that she was dating the late rapper Juice WRLD, she saw an increase in the number of people who followed her on Instagram. She used to upload adorable images of herself and her boyfriend on her page on a regular basis before he passed away, and she still doing so after he passed away. Additionally, she used Instagram to improve her job as a model. In 2018, she started dating Juice, and ever since then, she has spent the majority of her time with him and assisted him while he was on tour. Because she recently promoted certain designs by Fashionova on her Instagram account, it appears that she has resumed her career as a model.


Although Lotti and Juice WRLD did not start publicly acknowledging their relationship until November 2018, it is thought that they had been seeing each other before. On her Instagram account, Ally frequently shares pictures of herself and her dog Juice. On the Instagram profile that she made specifically for her dogs, she also shares images that she has taken of Juice interacting with her pets. In July of 2018, Juice revealed to the New York Times that he was cohabitating with his girlfriend, whose name was Alicia, before their relationship became known to the general public. According to what Juice shared with the newspaper, he met Alicia just around the time that he was beginning to establish himself as a successful individual. However, his buddies did not approve of him being in a relationship.

He said, “All my homies be like: ‘What you doing with a girlfriend? You got all this stuff going on. I love her, though. I can admit and say that I have feelings.”

Additionally, the rapper asserted that she satisfies all of his requirements and satisfies all of his desires. Their love was short-lived, barely lasting for a total of 15 months when it was abruptly cut short by a tragic event. Before beginning his relationship with Alicia, Juice WRLD had been in a few of other relationships. His hit song, “Lucid Dreams,” was about a romance that he was in while he was a high school student, and it was about how his heart was broken. According to comments made by Juice to the Gulf-Times in July 2018, the song is about the bittersweet experience of experiencing heartbreak in high school and the suffering that I went through as a result of the sentiments I had for the girl.

Also, prior to his involvement with Lotti, Juice was romantically involved with a singer by the name of Starfire. Love You Always was a song written by Juice just for Starfire.

Death of Juice WRLD

The internet was filled with reports on December 8 claiming 21-year-old Juice WRLD had passed away as a result of a seizure that occurred at Midway Airport in Chicago. It was stated that the rapper swallowed a large number of the prescription medications he carried on board his trip after discovering that law enforcement officials were planning to search the chartered plane they were on as soon as they landed in Chicago. The culmination of these events caused his death. The Illinois hospital where the rapper was receiving treatment was the location where he passed away. On December 5, three days before Juice Wrld’s death, Lotti was with him, and just days before Juice’s death, Lotti tweeted a touching birthday message to him on Twitter. She sent a text message that read,

“Before this day ends, I just wanna say happy birthday to my favourite person. You deserve so much. I’m so proud of you and everything you’ve accomplished this past year. There is not a soul that could match your energy. I love you, endlessly.”

On December 8, 2019, the Associated Press revealed that Lotti had joined Juice as a member of the team. At the funeral for the late rapper, which took place at the Holy Temple Cathedral Church of God in Christ in Illinois, the casket was accessible to the public. A number of notable people, including members of the Juice WRLD family, as well as music executives from Interscope and rappers Ski Mask and the Slump God, attended the funeral.

Social media

Lotti is an active user on all of the major social media sites due to her roles as a model and social media influencer. There are 1.5 million people following Ally Lotti’s Instagram profile. The model’s Twitter feed has a following of 238 thousand people. If you are a fan of Juice WRLD and are looking for photographs of Juice WRLD’s girlfriend, then all you need to do is check out Ally’s social media profiles. In spite of the fact that her YouTube account just has a single video, she has 32.9 thousand subscribers.

Net worth

There are estimates that place Juice WRLD GF’s net worth around 300,000.

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