Everything about John Dumelo: background, career, films, politics, wife, net worth

Everything about John Dumelo: background, career, films, politics, wife, net worth: In recent years, John Dumelo has emerged as the most prominent figure in Ghana’s motion picture business. Not only is he great as an actor, but he is also talented in a variety of other areas. Over the course of his career, he has participated in over 80 different movie productions, which has contributed to the rise of his fame.

Profile outline

  • Date of birth: 3rd February 1984
  • Place of birth: Hohoe, Volta Region
  • Age: 38 years
  • Occupation: Actor, businessman, philanthropist, farmer, politician
  • Wife: Gifty Mawunya Nkomu
  • Child: John Dumelo Junior
  • Net worth: $1.3 million


John Dumelo was born on February 3rd, 1984 in the city of Hohoe, which is located in the Volta Region of Ghana. John and Antionette Dumelo are his biological parents. There are two of his sisters.


Christ the King International School in Accra was where Dumelo began his acting career; it was there that he completed all of his primary schooling. After some time had passed, he enrolled at Achimota School to complete his secondary studies. Following the completion of his secondary education, he enrolled at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology to pursue a degree in Civil Engineering. At Sahara Parks in Tanzania, where Dumelo is speaking, he discusses agriculture on the African continent.


In the film Baby Thief, which was released in 1991, GAMA chose Dumelo to portray the part of Saka, which catapulted him to popularity. At that point in his life, he was only seven years old. Both he and his sister had the good fortune to be chosen from among the numerous others who tried out for the role.

Soon after he graduated from high school, he became a regular cast member on a number of daytime television programs, including Suncity and About to Wed. However, the role of King in the 2008 film The King Is Mine was the catalyst for his meteoric climb to popularity. Since that time, he has been in a number of movies and shows on television.


The following are some of the movies in which the actor has appeared in a role:

  • Baby Thief (1991)
  • The King Is Mine (2008)
  • Hearts of men (2009)
  • To Love a Prince (2009)
  • The Prince Bride (2009)
  • 4Play (2010)
  • A Private Storm (2010)
  • Gold Not Silver (2010)
  • Chelsea (2010)
  • Queens Pride (2010)
  • End of Brides War (2012)
  • Adams Apples film series (2011–2012)
  • Black money (2012)
  • The Supremo (2012)
  • Letters to my Mother (2013)
  • Never Again (2013)
  • One Night in Vegas (2013)
  • A Night with Her (2013)
  • Crime Suspect (2013)
  • Double Cross (2014)
  • Final Innocent Sin (2014)
  • Ghetto Queen (2014)
  • A Northern Affair (2014)
  • Love or Something Like That (2014)
  • Single, Married and Complicated (2014)
  • Tales Of Nazir – The Movie (2015)
  • If God Be for Us (2016)
  • Beautiful Ruins (2016)
  • Love Alone (2017)
  • Black Men Rock (2018)
  • Hero (2018)


In addition to that, he has won a number of prizes for the quality of his performance. They are as follows:

  • Joy FM Award as Best Ghanaian Actor.
  • Ghana Movie Award as Best Actor in a Lead Role.
  • Afro Australian Movies and Music Awards as the African Most outstanding Actor in 2011.
  • Pan African Film and Television Festival of Ouagadougou (FESPACO) award as the Best Actor West Africa in 2013.
  • Political career

    Additionally, Dumelo has made significant progress in the realm of politics. In 2016, John, who is widely considered to be one of the most powerful personalities in the world, was actively pushing for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Party to be elected as the nation’s next government. H.E. John Dramani Mhama, the former president of Ghana, showed his appreciation for him by appointing him to the position of Director of Operations for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), which is a youth organization that supports the NDC. After some time had passed, he eventually received a nomination in 2019 to run for a seat in the parliamentary assembly.


    John Dumelo wed Gifty Mawunya Nkornu on the 12th of May, 2018, in the city of Accra. John Dumelo’s wife practices law in the United Kingdom, where she is situated. The wedding of John Dumelo generated a lot of excitement because notable people like Ramsey Noah were in attendance at the ceremony. Six months after the couple had their wedding, they were blessed with a child whom they named John Dumelo Junior.

    Net worth

    It is estimated that he possesses a net worth of $1.3 million. Acting has provided him with the most of his wealth during the course of his career.

    John Dumelo is widely regarded as one of the most talented actors working in Ghana’s film and television business. Many young actors and actresses who are just starting out look forward to him as a source of incredible motivation.

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