Excess Joy as Lady finally gives birth to twins after 14 IVFs and multiple Miscarriages (Photos

Lady identified as @raisa_hadiza has taken to social media sharing her testimony as she welcomes twins after 14 IVFs and multiple Miscarriages. This can only be God.

Indeed it is only women can fathom this great miracle, women really go through a lot in quest for child bearing, may bless all the Women out there trusting God for fruit of the womb.

The latest mom while sharing her testimony on social media, in her words she wrote: 

It’s time to tell my story.

…..It started in November 2014

Innocent naive and very hopeful,

Little did I know what was in front of me.

God all I can say is thank you

After 14 IVFs, multiple miscarriages including 24 weekers boy/girl twins and 17 weekers identical triplet girls.

Today I celebrate the birth of my full-term babies

Look at God.

I have a story, l’Il tell you in detail soon.

Congratulations to you mom, your home is blessed, to all the awaiting mom’s out there get ready to carry your child.

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