Headies Award 2022: What I’ll do if I lose ― Portable

Portable the ‘Zazuu’ crooner took to his Instagram page to make a threat to whoever wins the 2022 Headies Award over him after being nominated twice.

The street pop act sat shirtless in his car in the video which has been circulating on social media, while explaining in Yoruba why he deserved to win over the other nominees.

Portable claimed that his single ‘Zazuu Zeh’ is far popular than other songs on the list. He also affirms to be more widely known on the street in line to his fellow nominees.

The controversial singer further went on to say that should he fail to win, he will kill whoever beats him to the awards.

Although, it doesn’t seem that the other nominees in Rookie of the year and the Street hop song categories will take Portable’s threat seriously.

Notwithstanding, he will be hoping to beat other newbies to the Rookie of the year prize and he will be facing rigid opposition from other street jams for the Street hop single of the year.

Portable who is as eccentric as his fans will have to hang on till September 4th 2022 when the fifteenth Headies award will hold on in Atlanta Georgia to know if he will be walking away with a plaque or making other plans.

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