How Advice Given to Me By a Mad Man Helped Me in Anambra State – Peter Obi

Peter Obi is a Nigerian businessman and politician who is currently campaigning to become the next president of Nigeria during the 2023 presidential election. Peter Obi served three separate times between 2006 and 2014 as the governor of Anambra State.

During a new event when Peter Obi hosted a Question and Answer session with youths in Abuja, he recounted a very interesting story of how a mad man in Anambra State helped him massively during the time he served as governor. The story was given in response to a youth’s question about disability and what Peter Obi plans to do about those disabled in the nation. Here’s what Peter Obi said

During the QnA session at the engagement with youths in Abuja, Peter Obi was asked: “Sir I have a question: Back in Abuja I have a best friend who is a genius and she is with disability. So I want to ask, what is their place in this new coming government?”

Who has my picture? I have picture from today with disabled people. Let me tell you what happened today, it’s a very good question he asked. I went to visit a place and somebody said to me, “there is a conference going on for people with disability”. I said I can’t leave without going there, to embrace and talk to them. Today. I just went on my own. They didn’t invite me. Just today. And I told them one thing: you’re not disabled, you’re physically challenged. We’re the same thing. We will show you love. We will not show you hatred. And I told them one story: the best thing I did in Anambra State, the best advice I got in Anambra state to stop crime in a place called Opiweka, I got the advice from a mad man. It was a mad man who lived there, when I came as a governor, he came to embrace me and everybody pushed him away. I said no, I must hug him. And when I hugged him, he asked me a question. “Am I looking for this criminal?” I said “Yes”. He told me exactly what to do. And I did that. That was the end.

Till today, if you know, I live in Onitsha. And if you want to come to Onitsha with me, whenever I come to Onitsha, he will hug me and tell me what is happening in Onitsha. And he’s a mad man. Nobody wants to be mad. So if you’re a leader, you lead both those who are good, just like nobody is poor, we’re all children of God. Whatever we have here is blessings of God. So do not see that this man is low, you’re big, no. Everybody here are children of God. We’re all created equal.

What a beautiful answer from Peter. We are indeed all created equally and truly no man is low and another high, we are all one. What a story!

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