I feel hurt when bullied online –Mercy Eke

The Big Brother Naija (Season four) winner, Mercy Eke, has said she gets hurts by negative comment made by social media trolls.

In an interview with media personality, Taymesan, Eke said, “Sometimes it does (get to me) because I am human, especially when lies are told about me, and I cannot defend myself. Sometimes, I just wallow in anger and wish I can say things as they are with proof. The trolling (cyber bullying) hurts me most times because they say horrible things to me.”

On the rumours she has heard about herself, the former BBN contestant said, “They said I have been married, that I have been pregnant. At this stage of my life, I have to get it right. I am a lover girl and I give love.”

Eke also maintained that she is never intimidated. She added, “I don’t think anyone can intimidate me. Aside from the proper London girls, most of these girls have horrible accents. I attract people that like the real me. I have nothing to hide, and there is nothing to be intimidated by. I am doing pretty well, and many of the girls (that criticise me) want to be me. They want to be in my circle.”

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