I Told Anambra Delegates Not To Waste Their Votes On Peter Obi Because He Would Lose PDP Presidential Ticket – Governor Wike

The Rivers State Governor and presidential aspirant of the Peoples Democratic Party, Nyesom Wike, has criticised former Anambra State governor, Peter Obi, who was a fellow presidential aspirant, saying he lacked integrity by leaving the party

Wike added that he had already told the Anambra State delegates (Obi’s home state) not to “waste their votes on him” because he (Obi) would not win the PDP presidential primary

The Rivers governor said this on Thursday evening in an interview on Channels TV.

Wike said, “It (Obi’s defection) is not surprising to me, when I go round, that’s what I say when I go round, to be careful, those of us that have joined the party since 1998, who have never left this party, who believed in this party, it doesn’t matter the problem we have in the party, we have to be inside to settle the problems.

“Peter Obi leaving the party is not surprising to me and I know he knows that no way he would have won the party’s presidential primaries. Win what? How would he have won? I went to Anambra and told them that, don’t waste your votes on him, he won’t win.

“Since Peter Obi left PDP, he left APGA first as a governor, he has never won election in Anambra, but that’s not the issue, The issue is at that level, you must have integrity, character; three days to the party primaries, he left the party. From what I read from social media, he met Kwankwaso either to join him in his party; Kwankwaso wants to be president; did he (Obi) now want to be Vice President? Integrity is very important.

“A Vice presidential candidate of 2019, what is he seeing differently now? He did not see it for how many years, just 72 hours to the primaries, that he is now seeing it. The party gave you a presidential ticket, that’s why I say some people can become presidential candidate and still abandon your party and mess you up and I have told; delegates, you must be careful.”

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