Lady Cries Out In Confusion Because Her Husband Of Five Years Has Never Cheated

A disgruntled woman has disclosed that she is considering dumping her husband who she claims is too committed.

The lady identified as Cephas Mendeya disclosed that they have been married for five years and have a child together, but she is bothered because he has remained too faithful.

She remarked that she does not consider him to be a real man and questioned why she has not heard a rumor that he has a side chic or girlfriend elsewhere.

The lady has asked social media users for their advice on whether her decision to leave him is logical.

She wrote:

”I am a lady aged 26, I have been married for 5 years now with a son now. My problem is that my husband since he married me he has never ever cheated on me.

And I always feel like he is not real man, am not saying he should be cheating on me, but at least even a rumour that he has a girlfriend somewhere else would have been better…..

Why is he not like other men? Plz help me bcoz am planning to leave him.”

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