Riakporhe knocks out Turchi to win IBF cruiserweight eliminator

Richard Riakporhe showcased his devastating one-punch power yet again as he stopped Fabio Turchi in the second round to win his IBF cruiserweight world-title eliminator and send a message to the rest of the division on Saturday night.

It had been the right hand that toppled Deion Jumah last time out, but on this occasion it was what looked an innocuous left hook that finished the job just seconds into the second round despite only appearing to skim the torso of the Italian.

Turchi was left in visible pain on the canvas and remained in discomfort upon dragging himself to his feet, only to see a member of his team rush into the ring with a towel in hand as the contest was brought to a halt.

It was a night and occasion that encapsulated everything Riakporhe has come to be known for, the Londoner quite content in conceding the first round as his spirited opponent worked to be the more active of the two, before unleashing a menacingly-subtle left hand to call time.

“I feel great, I feel like I need to do some pads because I didn’t really get into it, I didn’t have time to get into it,” Riakporhe said afterwards.

“We landed a good shot, I think I’m building a reputation now, I think I’m the new Body Snatcher, call me The Body Snatcher, The Midnight Train 2.0.

“I knew there were a few spots where I was trying to target but obviously you have to be intelligent with the way you do it.

“I keep on telling everybody I am that guy, I am that fighter, I’m coming for everything.

“Straight business, we aren’t playing any games now. I feel like Angel Fernandez has spoke to me in a certain type of way, he’s been analysing my mindset and saying ‘if you want to take it to the next level, you need to change, there’s something about it, you’ve got everything but you need to change that mindset’ and it’s happening. That’s why you see me getting rid of people this early.”

The win moves Riakporhe to 15-0 (11 KOs) and likely secures him a long-awaited world opportunity later this year, with IBF holder Mairis Briedis, WBC champion Ilunga Makabu and WBA champion Arsen Goulamirian looming as potential opponents.

“He was my first signing and it’s so frustrating that every time he wins people make a reason for it, people make an excuse,” said BOXXER CEO and founder Ben Shalom.

“He’s just stopped a guy inside three rounds who looked like he could never be stopped before, he’s an incredible specimen, I’m proud of him.”

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