Sad Occurrence When a Parent Chooses Favourite Among Their Kids – Gabriel Afolayan

Gabriel Afolayan is a part of what has now become in Nigeria one of the most popular family dynasties. He is the brother to ace film maker Kunle Afolayan and related to a host of other popular names including Adeyemi Afolayan, Aremu Afolayan, Moji Afolayan, and more.

Gabriel Afolayan and brother Kunle Afolayan dancing

Recently, Gabriel was part of Netflix’s hit series Blood Sisters where he played Femi Ademola, the overlooked first son of the Ademola family who ultimately tried to kill his own brother just to finally get his own moment in the sun. While speaking about his role in the show and lessons he believes the show can teach, Gabriel Afolayan also used the opportunity to talk about family and parenting. Here’s what Gabriel Afolayan said.

Gabriel Afolayan

Speaking about the lessons “Blood Sisters” teaches and the sad thing that happens when a parent chooses a favourite among their kids, Gabriel Afolayan said:

The story itself has a lot of societal values instilled in it, one that the people will not just get to see but they will learn a lot from. They will be entertained and see likeable characters. You will see characters that are closer to you and those that are a far distance from you. All these key elements formed the reason I chose the script.

I think the lesson in the movie is my number one takeaway. The part that I played talks more about rivalry among siblings which is imminent in all homes; setting standards and wanting the kids to match to it. This, for me, is a big issue that we don’t get to talk about often. It is so deep in many homes today that people tend to cause unnecessary troubles in their homes because of this standard. So, I felt I could speak to the people through this character. I want people to know how bad this is and why parenting can be bad when you choose a favourite among your kids. It is so bad that some people grow old to keep fighting even among the family. Those are the ills in the movie that got me attracted to the role that I played, and I said nothing would stop me from being part of the project. No other reason got me attracted to the movie.

Very sound advice and word of truth from Gabriel Afolayan. This is truly one of those things that happens a lot in society and we so often do not talk about. Parenting is hard and of course there are days when one child perhaps might be acting up and not be your favorite of that day, but to completely elevate on child above all the others and make it so obvious that they are the favorite one? That can and has caused a whole lot of problems in many many families. Gabriel completely spoke the truth and gave some good advice.

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