Supernova partners Jamika to promote African entertainment

A Hong Kong (China)-based entertainment company, Supernova, is partnering with a Lagos-based record label, Jamika Entertainment, for the production of music, movies and art to ‘satisfy the hunger’ of showbiz lovers in Africa and Asia.

Supernova, which is popular in Hong Kong, had shown interest in taking their brand global from just being a powerhouse in Asia. With the growth of Nigeria’s afrobeats, it provided a golden opportunity for them to tap into the market and partner with Jamika Entertainment, which is home to artistes such as Sultan Afroboy, Yung Bos, Koredianx and Church of Men.

In a statement sent to Sunday Scoop, the Executive Director of Supernova, Tayson Chui, said, “We have had multiple meetings with the CEO of Jamika Entertainment, Jerry Ihensekhien, and his vision greatly aligns with what we are trying to build and achieve.

We have seen the works done by artistes signed to the label and they were truly impressive. They have immense potential for growth. It is only fair we partner with them, so we can all move forward together in the global market.”

On his part, Jamika’s CEO, Jerry Ihensekhien, said, “Our brand and the acts that make up the Jamika Force have been gradually climbing up the Nigerian entertainment scene for the past few years. Over time, we have won many awards, and that has got us valuable attention. That is why a company like Supernova is coming all the way from Hong Kong to work with us.

“What we look to gain from this is to increase our global fan base beyond Nigeria and Africa. At the same time, we want to help Supernova make an incursion into Nigerian entertainment space. This partnership has the potential to do a lot of great things for not just us but Nigeria as a whole.”

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