The basic need of life

The basic need of life ,includes ,Food ,Shelter ,Education ,and Security.You can agree with me that one of the problems that we are facing as a Nation ,is Insecurity,which is one of the basic essential needs of Life. Our Churches ,Mosques ,Events Centres,Properties are no longer Safe and Secured.As it is commonly said Security begins with you and we are offering you a GPS Car Tracker to monitor your car with amazing
Features of the Tracker for Just Fifty Thousands Naira Only Installation Fee included.
Features of the GPS Tracker Are;
1)Dictate Location Via SMS and Internet, of your Car when stolen.
2)Gives you the Real Time Tracking Online when Stolen
3)Enable and Disable Available function , Reveal 4)Historical Play Back of the movement of your Stolen Car,
5)Provide Vehicle Maintenance alert (SMS/email) and Motion Alert.

We also have a 1kv Mobile Rechargeable Generator for Sale and 100 plots of Land for Sales at a very Cheap Price and in a Good Location,Remember Land is indeed an Assets and not Liability, it appreciate overtime, Check Fliers for More Detail or Contact Our.

Head office @ :No2 Nwaoguta Street Behind PZ Company Aba

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