UECL: You’re not top manager, Conference League just Papa John’s Trophy – Chelsea legend slams Mourinho

Chelsea legend, Jason Cundy has slammed Roma boss, Jose Mourinho, after the Portuguese guided the Italian side to become the first club to win new Europa Conference League trophy last night.

Cundy said the former Chelsea boss is not an elite manager, insisting that the trophy won by the Serie A club amounts to just a little achievement.

The former Manchester United manager secured his fifth European trophy as his side won the inaugural ECL trophy.

And Roma has been without an European trophy since 2008 until last night, but Mourinho’s feat means nothing to Cundy, who insisted that the former Real Madrid boss is not among elite coaches in Europe.

“He’s not elite, it’s not an elite trophy… it’s the Papa John’s Trophy of Europe,” Cundy said on The Sports Bar.

Cundy further said that the former Inter Milan manager cannot manage any top side in the English top flight, adding, “his time is done with the big heads, the elite.

“He won’t go to United again, he won’t go to Chelsea again, Liverpool won’t have him, Manchester City won’t have him, Spurs won’t have him back and I’m not sure right now Arsenal would be a wise move.

The one that kind of does make me think a little bit, it’s not impossible for him to end up there, is Newcastle.

“I’m not sacking Eddie Howe, I’m saying if Newcastle are looking, it may or may not happen, but there comes a point where they feel they need that next step.”

He went on to warn Newcastle against hiring the Portuguese, insisting that such a move would bring plenty of baggage, even if it meant he won them trophies.

“But here’s what would happen. He’d come in, happy and smiling, get you to a final, probably win you a trophy – unless it’s Spurs!” Cundy added.

“Then things will start to turn dark. Everyone at the club will start squabbling, he leaves and there’s a huge cloud over the club.

“He’ll leave the club in a worse place than he actually found it but you’ll probably have a trophy to show for it.

“So it depends where Newcastle want to be, if there comes a point where they get to a position where they need that next step.

“If you told a Newcastle fan now in two-three years time that’s going to be them, there’s not many that would turn that down.

“He might be able to take Newcastle to that level, to get them into the Europa League. He’s capable of doing that still

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