What you need to know about Iya Rainbow: background, career, family, net worth, films and TV shows

What you need to know about Iya Rainbow: background, career, family, net worth, films and TV shows: Idowu Philips, also known as Iya Rainbow, is a seasoned nurse, actress, movie producer, and director based in Nigeria. She goes by the stage name Iya Rainbow. The 1990s marked the beginning of her career as an actress. Idowu was a member of Sir Hubert Ogunde’s theater troupe, and that’s where she obtained her stage name, Iya Rainbow. The name comes from the Osumare word, which can be translated as Rainbow. Prior to the latter’s passing, Sir Hebert was a close collaborator with Idowu’s husband.

Profile outline

  • Full name: Idowu Philips
  • Date of birth: 16th October 1942
  • Place of birth: Ijebu Ode, Ogun State
  • Age: 79 years
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Ethnicity: Black
  • Marital status: Widowed
  • Spouse: Late Augustine Ayanfemi Philips
  • Profession: Actress, director, producer, nurse
  • Net worth: $500,000


Idowu was born on October 16th, 1942 in the town of Ijebu Ode, which is located in the state of Ogun. She was born to Prophet Jacob Adebanjo Ifemade and Mrs. Ifemade, and she is their daughter.

She has not shared any information regarding her childhood or her siblings in a public forum. Iya Rainbow had both her basic and secondary education from Ijebu Ode Ogun State, where she also completed her elementary schooling. After completing her studies at the senior high school level, she went on to pursue a degree in nursing. She eventually completed her training to become a registered nurse and worked in the field for twenty years.


Idowu worked as a registered nurse for a total of twenty years in a variety of general hospitals in Nigeria. While she was working as a nurse, she would occasionally participate in stage productions. Following the passing of her husband, she left her job as a nurse and pursued a career in acting full-time. What age was Iya Rainbow when she decided to stop working as a nurse? When she made the decision to retire from acting and devote herself solely to it, she was 45 years old. Since that time, she has been in a number of films, some of which are in Yoruba and others in English

  • 1997 – Back to Africa
  • 2000 – Lagidigba
  • 2002 – Jesu Mushin
  • 2002 – Irepodun
  • 2002 – Eyin Ogongo
  • 2003 – N150 Million
  • 2003 – Ìfé òtító
  • 2003 – Fila Daddy
  • 2003 – Arewa okunrin
  • 2003 – Omo Oku òrun
  • 2003 – Fila Daddy
  • 2003 – Arewa okunrin
  • 2003 – Omo Oku òrun
  • 2003 – Okun Ife
  • 2004 – Okun Ife 2
  • 2004 – Okan Soso
  • 2004 – Okan Soso 2
  • 2004 – Ògìdán
  • 2004 – Ògìdán 2
  • 2006 – Abeni
  • 2006 – Odun Baku
  • 2006 – Mewa n Sele
  • 2006 – Èebúdolá Tèmi
  • 2006 – Agbefo
  • 2006 – Agbefo 2
  • 2007 – Orita Ipinya
  • 2007 – Olugbare
  • 2007 – Olóri
  • 2007 – Maku
  • 2007 – Kootu Olohun
  • 2007 – Kilebi Olorun
  • 2008 – Taiwo Taiwo
  • 2008 – Taiwo Taiwo 2
  • 2008 – Itakun Ola
  • 2008 – Ìkúnlè Kèsán
  • 2008 – Ikilo Agba
  • 2008 – Igba Ewa
  • 2008 – Aje Metta
  • 2008 – Aje Metta 2
  • 2009 – Ìpèsè
  • 2009 – Ìdàmu Eléwòn
  • 2009 – Elewon
  • 2009 – Akoto Olokada
  • 2009 – Akoto Olokada 2
  • 2018 – Oga Bolaji
  • 2019 – Sugar Rush
  • Source: instagram.com, @mamarainbowofficial

    Idowu went to Nigeria in 2017 to take part in and guard the filming of a documentary that was directed by her son, Femi Phillip. Mose Orimolade, the creator of Cherubim and Seraphim, was the subject of the documentary that was shown. Idowu has been recognized for the outstanding talent she possesses. At the City People Entertainment Awards, she was honored for her lifetime of achievements with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

  • Family

    Idowu was a married woman, and her husband’s name was Augustine Ayanfemi Philips. Augustine had a close working relationship with the late Sir Hubert Ogunde, who was the patriarch of the Nigerian film industry. The couple wed in 1960 and remained married until Augustine’s death in 1986.

    They had been together for 36 years. The actress is the proud mother of five adorable little ones. Film industry professionals such as Sola Osborne and Femi Phillips are included in this group. She made the decision not to marry again after the death of her spouse so that she could devote her attention to raising her children instead.

    Net worth

    Mama Rainbow is a registered nurse who also works in the film industry as a director, producer, and actress. She has received multiple endorsements from a variety of brands, including Airtel, among others. Her total wealth has increased thanks to the success of all of these endeavors. She has a net worth of $500,000.

    Iya Rainbow is one of the most well-known and admired actors in Nollywood, and she has more than two decades of experience. She is talented in portraying many characters in movies and films, which she accomplishes exceptionally well. Idowu Philips continues to be recognized for the parts she portrayed many years ago

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